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Methods Of Spinal Decompression Including Massage Chairs

By: Stanley Fosberg
Date Added : January 12, 2011 Views : 563
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Spinal traction can be accomplished in a number of different ways. Let us walk through different methods of spinal traction including massage chairs. Traction or stretching requires a force. This can be a bending force or a pulling force. The purpose of traction is to stretch out the soft tissues between joint surfaces. When looking at spinal traction, the key is to exert a force which stretches the soft tissues.

Most people relate to traction as a pulling force. They picture themselves lying on their back with arms being pulled on one end and their legs being on the other. In essence, the pulling force is exerted on the entire spine. Spinal decompression machines have been used with patients lying on their backs. They are attached to the machine and then an extension force is used to stretch both ends of their spine simultaneously.

In the case of a spinal decompression machine, a pulling force is used as the means for mechanical traction. Both ends of the patient is secured. The machine is then activated which pulls across the full length of the spine. In theory, the full length of the spine is stretched and then the soft tissues between the spinal discs are that also stretched.

Another way to decompress the spine is inversion therapy. Inversion therapy uses the weight of your body to exert a force along the length of the spine. This is accomplished by suspending the individual upside down. Suspension can happen either with an inversion bed or with inversion boots. The boots require a little more acrobatics to get to the inverted position.

Inversion therapy uses gravity to affect the force. The patient's own weight is used to help stretch out the spine. Since the feet are held in place, the force is applied by both the angle of tilt and the patient's own weight.

Roller tables are commonly used to apply traction across the length of the spine. In this case, a patient is laid down on the table. The table is activated, and a roller passes up and down the length of the patient's spine.

Roller tables apply mechanical traction by passing the rollers across the spine. This applies an axial traction. As the roller passes each cervical disc, it will deflect the disc which stretches the soft tissues attached to it.

Massage chairs work on the same theory as roller tables. A roller is passed across the spine. The weight of the patient and the angle of the recline determine the force exerted on the disc. Unlike a roller table, however, massage chairs are able to adjust their angle.

Mechanical traction for the spine with a massage chair uses a roller. The roller is activated to go up and down the spine of the patient. The roller passes along each cervical disc. It deflects the cervical disc which elongate the soft tissues between them.

Massage chairs provide a variety of controls for both manual and automatic programs. They can provide a number of different massage techniques and can be focused to very specific regions. They provide a consistent massage to a patient. The force and intensity can also be controlled as well.

Massage chairs are multipurpose treatment centers. They can provide a variety of treatments to accommodate many users. Massage chairs apply massage treatments consistently and can be customized for individuals. Massage chairs have a variety of massage programs both manual and automatic. These massage chairs can also be directed to specific muscle groups for targeted relief.

Find more information regarding Spinal Decompression by following this link.

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