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Best Acupressure Massage Integrated In Today's Massage Chairs

By: Daniella Bolton
Date Added : September 1, 2010 Views : 69
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Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine technique which it is thought to be derived from acupuncture. However, in the case of acupressure, physical pressure is used to acupoints by various movements. Acupressure is one of the most effective methods for tension related ailments. It stimulates various acupoints which is believed to promote blood flow and healing.

The art and science of acupressure was developed by the early Chinese dynasties. Many ancient physicians developed a system of acupoints which when stimulated provided relief in other areas. Gradually, a body of knowledge grew around how to alleviate pain and promote healing. This began a larger framework for acupressure therapy.

The body has natural painkillers called endorphins. Certain situations or stimulation can release these endorphins into the body. They help to kill the pain so the body can continue to function effectively. Many times athletes play injured because the endorphins are killing the pain during times of intensity.

Acupressure is noted to relieve discomfort when pressure is applied to specific areas. The discomfort is thought to be relieved due to increased blood circulation to the muscle. This also helps to relax the muscle and joints helping them retain flexibility.

This technique is also known to balance the body. Many times we retain stiffness in the body to stress. Stress causes tension leading to muscle fatigue and stiffness. Acupressure helps to relieve the immediate area and to help induce full body relaxation.

Traditional Chinese medicine works off of a holistic understanding of the body. It is believed that there are pathways connecting acupoints to internal organs. When an acupoints is stimulated, a signal is sent through the meridian to its corresponding organ. This has provided a framework for connecting acupoints to ager organs.

Energy flow is believed to exist in the body. Acupressure massage seeks to find areas which are not flowing properly. In adequate energy flow leads to disharmony in the body. To restore a better balance, the stimulation of acupoints is used to release this blocked energy flow.

Oftentimes acupressure massage is used in conjunction with sports therapy. Athletes routinely use acupressure to improve muscle tone and to relieve stiffness and tension. It can be applied prior to an event or as part of the warm down after physical exertion. Is used to relieve pain, improve flexibility and help prevent injury.

Acupressure massage targets stiff areas in the body. It helps to penetrate into stiff muscle and joints. This helps to restore flexibility in the muscle. The muscles have a stiffness which needs to be overcome. Sometimes the initial penetration into the muscle can cause discomfort.

Many people are sensitive when there muscles are very tense. As the massage progresses, you may feel the tension of certain muscles. You may be sensitive to the initial pressure being applied on to the tight muscle. As the massage starts to work through the muscle, then it'll start to relieve the tension. This will start to provide relief and relaxation.

Acupressure is by no means a substitute for medical care. Although overcoming initial muscle stiffness can cause discomfort, he acupressure massage should never cause pain. Always seek your physician's advice before pursuing any type of alternative treatment.

You can receive an acupressure massage from a therapist or a massage chair. A therapist uses the specialize techniques and requires about an hour for the treatment. A massage chair also uses specialized techniques but can perform a full body massage in 15 to 20 minutes.

Acupressure is a treatment used to help balance the body, relieve symptoms of pain and promote overall good health. A reduction of tension in the body helps it to concentrate on being healthy and more immune to disease and sickness. When you are under stress, your body can be attacked much more easily. Rebalance your body and restore harmony with an acupressure massage treatment.

Acupressure helps to stimluate and relax the muscles throughout your body for a relieving and relaxing therapy. Acupressure Massage is an ancient form of healing to unblock energy in your body.

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