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Technology is now evolving to replicate and surpass many forms of activities solely the domain of humans. Massage chairs now offer a variety of massage treatments to soothe your aches and pains. Just think that you could have your favorite massage anytime you want.

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Fibromyalgia can be quite dibilitating to those who suffer from it. The stiffness, discomfort and pain can stop you when you least expect it. Many sufferers are turning to massage chairs to get relief as symptoms arise.

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Best Features Of Health Massage Chairs

By: Michelle Nixon
Date Added : May 25, 2011 Views : 457
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There are many new features being added to massage chairs every year. Most of the features being added are therapeutic and provide good health benefits. Other features however may be more gimmicky and not provide the extra health value. Many new technologies are being integrated which provide some interesting types of therapeutic treatments. We take a look at some of the great features of massage chairs.

Massage chairs come with a remote control. The remote control allows you to using a particular technique. Normally there are buttons dedicated to automatic programs. You can also find LCD screens now being used on the remote or massage chairs.

An LCD screen usually uses an icon of a person. Different symbols are then used to show different massage techniques and areas of coverage. The LCD displays this information in real-time as the massage progresses.

Massage chairs are able to deliver more customized massages. Massage chairs use different types of systems to measure and record the body shape. 3-D technology is used to record the body in the chair in three dimensions.

In this way the 3-D body scan technology knows the precise shape of your body. This information is then used to direct the massage based on your coordinates. This provides a truly customized massage.

One of the wonderful benefits of technology is the variety of massage techniques available in massage chairs. It is amazing that one can receive a Swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue, reflexology or acupressure massage on demand.

One thing that is very different with the massage chair compared to a masseuse is how the massage is performed. A masseuse works on one part of the body at a time. They finished apart and then move onto the next. A massage chair works in parallel. It can work on multiple areas at once.

The massage chair is able to massage multiple parts of your body at the same time. A masseuse must work in one area before moving on to the next. This enables you to get a full body massage in a much quicker time. For much more massage in the same period of time.

Many massage chairs have the capability to massage your feet and calves. I particularly like a good foot massage. After wearing leather shoes all day, what's better than having your feet massaged?

Many massage chairs use a combination of air compression and the triggering of reflexology points in the feet. The air compression provides for a gentle squeezing action. This helps to relieve tight muscles in the feet.

Massage chairs that deliver reflexology foot massage normally use specially designed foot wells. There may be either specially designed airbags or reflexology plate. These are located beneath the feet. These gently push up into the feet to provide stimulation to the trigger points.

One feature which is not available in a lot of massage chairs is music. I cannot imagine going to get a massage from a masseuse without having soft music. Music helps my mind to relax which releases the tension in my body.

It is exciting to see how technology is starting to bring about many different benefits. It is amazing the absolute variety of massage techniques contained in massage chairs. I remember when massage chairs can only vibrate. Now they can massage you from head to toe with an arsenal of massage techniques. Massage chairs are tremendously convenient and fit around your busy schedule. Find out more how a massage chair can benefit you.

It is so tremendously exciting to see the sure and steady march of technology and the quickness in which they are adding Massage Chair Features. These massage recliners are quickly becoming therapy chairs. We carry the best massage chair brands with Great Massage Chairs. See how a massage chair can deliver for you.

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