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Chiropractic Therapies: Recovery With A Massage Chair

By: Cristina Sheraton
Date Added : November 30, 2011 Views : 93
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Many consider chiropractic treatments as an alternative health care methodology. However, chiropractic treatment is a main stream health care method focused on skeletal system discomfort. Chiropractic medicine is more famous for is focus on the health of the spinal column. They use a range of treatments to deal with the muscles, nervous system, skeletal system and other soft tissues of the body. Massage therapy is used for patients soft tissue treatments to help improve range of motion, reduce discomfort and increase muscle flexibility. Massage chairs are being employed to automate many of these treatments.

With the increase in holistic, natural treatments, chiropractic medicine has become more popular. Typically, a visit to a chiropractor was to relieve back pain or headaches. These are still the majority of visits to chiropractic offices. The doctor must still figure out the actual causes of these symptoms in order to provide relief.

In chiropractic medicine, the paradigm is to view the body holistically and that if the body is given the right environment, it will heal itself. Therefore, the doctor works on the premise that they may need to adjust the skeletal system to relieve pressure built up on certain key points. The chiropractor works to get the body to restore itself to maintain its health by itself.

As such chiropractors need to apply specific treatments to induce the bodys self healing process. Some of the treatments include adjustments, electro-stimulation, and massage therapy. Massage chairs are being used to apply massage therapy and other complementary treatments as well.

The goal of chiropractic medicine is to get the body to restore itself to maintain its own healing. The role of the doctor is to jump start the process by performing repetitive treatments to get the body to restore itself. The doctor provides these therapies until the body can take them back over.

Massage chairs have found their way into many doctors offices. They provide an excellent means to automate many manual methods. They also provide a consistent and reliable means to administer repetitive treatments to patients. This helps both the doctor and the patients to receive consistent treatments.

Massage chairs can provide a variety of massage therapies. They can be used for a general body warm up, target certain areas, or apply certain massage techniques. The consistency of the massage therapy is important and the length of time can be precisely controlled.

There are many advanced technologies built into massage chairs. They have both manual and automatic massage programs. The automatic programs include one-touch buttons which run specific pre-programmed massages. Manual massage techniques can also be selected that use a particular massage style.

A massage chair allows the massage can be applied to a specific area and specific length of time. This helps to reduce the variables in the treatment process. The time and intensity of the massage can be applied consistently.

There are various technologies built into massage chairs. You can now find heaters, stretching systems and music players. Doctors can apply heat to specific areas of the body. Stretching can be activated to stretch the lower body or the shoulders. Patients can relax during the massage to soothing music played on the massage chairs MP3 player.

The flexibility of massage chairs has many advantages. One can apply a massage to the shoulders and neck while heat is applied to the lower body. Engage the traction function and you can stretch out the lower body. You have many options to isolate the massage on a particular area or to overlay multiple therapies all at once.

Doctors of chiropractic medicine are trained to restore the body so that it can fully function on its own. Treatments are applied on a periodic, recurring basis to get the body to take back over the healing process. Massage chairs have proven to be invaluable to provide consistent and repetitive massage treatments and other complementary therapies.

Today's Massage Chairs continue to advance with the march of science and technology. A massage chair can be utilized at home or work. The same therapies utilized by chiropractors are available when you most need them. View our Omega Massage Chairs that are utilized throughout the chiropractic field. Check out our articles, reviews and compare to find the best chair for your needs.

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