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 »  Foot Reflexology Massage

Foot Reflexology Massage Chair Treatments

By: Becky White
Date Added : July 21, 2010 Views : 396
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Reflexology massage can trace its roots back to ancient Egypt. In fact traces of reflexology were found as far back as 2030 B. C. Humans have known about reflexology and its corresponding relationships. Today, many of these traditional methods have been replicated in massage chairs. Massage chairs use advanced functions and incorporate many desirable features for potential users.

So therapy or reflexology is focusing massage in particular zones which correspond to give it organs in the body. This field of study looks at the particular soft tissue areas of the hands and feet and how they relate with other parts of the body. Certain reactions can mobilize the body which will cause tension in the body.

Reflexology targets specific zones and the hands and feet. By providing a soothing massage to the soft tissues of the hands and feet these areas will relax. With the tension being relieved from the hands or feet, certain zones correspond to organs throughout the body. These are typically shown in reflexology charts area

When we come under stress, our bodies release adrenaline. This is a reaction for the body to protect itself. This diverts blood to the major organs and mobilizes the hands and feet for action. Unfortunately, most types of stress we have our mental and do not provide a physical release.

So when you come under stress the body goes into a defensive reaction. This is a self protect mode. Your body mobilizes itself for action. Your breathing will increase, blood circulation speeds up and your hands and feet are ready.

Reflexology is kind of like a reverse osmosis. It is attempting to undo the effects of stress on the body. Under stress our muscle tension increases and sometimes to the point of fatigue. Reflexology works on specific regions of the feet and hands. The feet and hands are supported by the major organs under stress. Reflexology is thought to release tension of specific organs in the body.

Massage chairs have incorporated reflexology massage. These features have so far been focused on the feet. Many massage chairs provide an air compression massage for the lower body. These chairs also contain reflexology nodes that are targeting major trigger points.

Normally the reflexology nodes are activated with the use of an air bag. Many massage chairs contain air compressors for delivering massage therapy to different parts of the chair. The reflexology nodes are used in conjunction with the other airbags providing massage to the foot.

Massage chairs also have heating elements built into the leg rest. It facilitates blood flow and helps to reduce swelling. This is a nice complementary treatment to the reflexology massage.

Some massage chairs allow you to customize your foot massage. They come with reflexology nodes that are mounted on a footpad. Be footpad is a plate that can be taken out of the leg rest. Those who do not want to have their reflexology points stimulated can opt out.

The ancient Egyptians would marvel at the advanced technology being integrated into massage chairs. They clearly understood many complex relationships of the body. Reflexology was part of the treatments to help induce healing and restore balance in the body. They would be happy to see their work integrated into a massage chair.

Reflexology massage is very relieving of tension in the feet and hands. The focus is exclusively in these areas which is very relieving for people on their feet. The feet take an enormous amount of stress and strain due to body weight and movement. Massaging the feet is very soothing and relaxing for both the feet and the body. Massage chairs provide effective relief of stress and tension in muscles throughout the body.

Foot reflexology is a great way to relax your tired feet and your body. Foot Reflexology Massage provides great relief for aching feet.

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