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 »  Edema Sufferers

Massage Chairs Reduce Discomfort Caused By Edema

By: Claudia Benson
Date Added : June 21, 2010 Views : 528
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Some people experience that their feet or legs may begin to swell. Sometimes this is in the early morning and throughout the day progressively becomes worse. This is known as edema. Edema is when fluid is retained in the spaces that are between the body cells. Because the feet and ankles are at the lowest level of the body, they tend to be impacted more than in other areas. Relief from the swelling is important. Some sufferers of this condition, our relieving their muscle stiffness with a massage chair.

Edema can result by a serious condition of the kidneys, the heart, the liver or even blood vessels. Some of the following have been late to contribute it to edema: pregnancy, PMS, neuromuscular disorders, and abusing drugs. These have been known to cause fluid to be retained between the body cells.

When you are sitting or standing typically your feet and calves tend to be at the lowest elevation. As a result, went edema occurs it tends to build up in the feet and lower legs. This causes the swelling in these areas. This is coming from the build up of water between the body cells.

Some of the typical symptoms of edema are the swelling of the feet, calves and lower leg areas. Typically the swelling will be at its lowest levels in the morning and then began to increase as the day goes on. This can cause stiffness in the legs or joints.

As the day progresses, you may feel your feet or lower legs swelling. This can start to bog you down as the swelling causes increased stiffness in the muscles and joints. With increased stiffness, it starts to affect your mobility.

Persons suffering from long-term edema may have what is called pitting. Pitting can be checked when you press a small area for a few seconds. Once you release your finger you may notice an indentation continues in that area. This needs to be checked as continued swelling can cause skin ulcerations.

Edema can be progressive and start to show many other symptoms. Other symptoms that may be experienced are high blood pressure, headaches, increased urination and puffy eyes. Often sufferers of edema may also notice weight gain. This is hard as the mobility is affected by the swelling of the lower legs.

Preventing edema is always the best measure, but seeking relief is also a good alternative. Since you are dealing with swelling, elevating the legs is always important. When you elevate the legs above the level of the heart, this puts minimal pressure on the back of the knees and thighs.

Many people will elevate their legs above their heart while they sleep. This can be accomplished by using leg wedges or pillows. Another area is to make sure your shoes take your feet. Since swelling is often reported in the afternoon, it is best to shop for shoes in the afternoon.

Release of swelling in the legs and calves can also be assisted with a compression massage. A compression massage gently squeezes these areas. This gentle squeezing assists in the loosening of the muscles and joints.

Many massage chairs have lower body air compression massages. A leg rest contains a number of airbags to provide a gentle hold and squeeze massage. These airbags are designed for the feet and calves. This can be great relief for someone with stiff joints and muscles.

Like any medical condition, you should always check with your medical provider to see what is right in your case. There are many options that may be available to help relieve the stiffness and pain from edema. Massage chairs have been used in some cases to help patients relieve stiffness and help improve their mobility.

Learn all you want about how Massage Chair Treatments can assist you relieve some symptoms of Edema. Check out Massage Treatments and discover how you can decrease swelling with compression massage.

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