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Massage Therapy Trues Your Golf Swing

By: Brodie Marx
Date Added : December 13, 2010 Views : 538
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Your golf swing is everything to having a good golf game. Your swing involves the coordination of many different muscle groups in tandem. If any of them are off, then so is your swing and the ball will be off the mark. Proper warm up before playing a round helps get your muscles groups working together. This may include stretching, calisthenics and massage therapy. It is vital to get your body prepared properly for the physical activity of swinging your clubs. Massage therapy delivered with a massage chair is an effective way to get your body and muscles loosened up for your next round of golf.

Golf although it is a low aerobic sport, still puts significant stress on the body. The repetitive nature of the swing puts disproportionate stress on the lower back, wrist, elbow, shoulder, knees and hips. These areas must work in tandem to produce a true swing. If there is tightness or soreness, then the body tends to compensate. This affects the outcome of your swing and where your ball will go. Proper warm up and stretching helps to loosen muscles and prepare them to work harmoniously together.

The regions that need proper stretching are your shoulders, arms, back, hips and legs. Develop and sustain a stretching routine prior to playing. Make sure you hit all the above listed areas. Calisthenics are another important element to add to your routine. Walking also helps you get your body ready. Using a massage chair to loosen up tight muscles and tendons helps your muscles in addition to stretching.

You may not be familiar with the tremendous technology that has been integrated into massage chairs, but they can provide many effective massage therapies. You can select a Swedish, Shiatsu or deep tissue massage. These are effective in loosening your muscles, enhance circulation and also increasing mental awareness and concentration. Many top athletes get sports massages to help them maintain peak performance. It is important to drink a glass of water after getting a massage to help flush out the toxins released from your muscles.

One of the most common injuries in golf is to the lower back area. The lumbar area takes the brunt of the stress of your swing. It is the critical pivot point as you twist through your swing. To prevent injury in this area, you have to warm up properly. Once you start to have problems, then it is hard to fully recover. You want to stretch the legs, hips, shoulders and back. Using heat in this area also helps to prepare it for activity. Massage therapy is particularly effective to help the lumbar area be loosened up for physical activity.

Injury prevention is important for your long term golf game. Many injuries can be prevented and totally avoided. Some of the common causes of injuries are from poor swing mechanics, hitting the ground, too little warm up, over-swinging and twisting during the swing. Most injuries are related to the golf swing. This is where people can throw out their backs or swing too hard hurting their elbow. Most of these causes can be substantially reduced by performing a proper warm up. Know your body and keep in tune with it, so you do not over-exert and injure yourself.

Your golf game can really be improved with massage therapy as part of the warm up. Of course, warming down is also important. If you are playing a few times a week, then it is really important to establish a warm up routine. This way you make sure that all of your muscle groups are adequately prepared for the physical exertion. Most people think of getting a massage when the experience soreness or discomfort. Unfortunately, this is trying to fix the symptom rather than the cause. Massage has many benefits and can help improve your game and your golf attitude. The most convenient and economical way to add massage to your game is with a massage chair recliner. If your swing is on, then life is good. When your swing is off, well then you will need a lot of Mulligans.

Would you like to shave critical strokes off your golf game? If so then take a serious look at getting an adequate warm up. Omega Massage Chairs are an excellent choice for vitality. Or check out Sanyo Massage Chairs for a relieving back massage. Massage Chairs are a key tool in helping you perfect your golf game.

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