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Massage Treatments For Increasing Your Health And Wellbeing

By: Tina Lamont
Date Added : May 5, 2010 Views : 1853
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If you ask most people about their health being a priority, then will definitely say yes. However, if you observe their behavior, then you notice that their actions do not always match up to their words. It is kind of like New Year's resolutions. We make them and break them in a few days within the New Year. I think we like to think that we are in control, but then we must somehow lack the discipline to sustain the necessary action. We know that we are under more stress, yet we are not finding ways to relieve this stress. One very effective means is getting massage therapy from your own massage chair.

Stress can come from work or it may come from home. We react to the situation and our bodies defend the body by a release of chemicals. These chemicals will build up in the body if not consistently released. One very effective method of release is massage therapy.

If you have not tried a massage chair or not tried on in a while, you may be pleasantly surprised. Current massage chairs provide full body relief. They have incredible technologies that effectively apply massage therapy to relieve soreness and tightness in muscles.

There are a whole range of benefits from receiving massage therapy. There are numerous studies that show massage therapy to improve your range of motion of joints, relax your muscles, remove toxins from the muscle tissue, increases blood and lymph flow and increase awareness. The one caveat is that massage therapy must be received on a periodic basis. Just like diet and exercise, you need to perform this with a regular frequency to really get the benefits.

The convenience of a massage chair cannot be understated. The biggest obstacle we hear for receiving regular massage therapy is the time involved with going to a massage therapist. We just simply do not have time in our busy schedules to do this on a consistent basis. This is precisely why having a massage chair can be very convenient. You can get a 10 minute warm up massage before you hop in the shower or just before you go to bed. No appointment need and you have access around the clock.

We do want to point out that if you can get regular massage therapy from a masseuse, then that is certainly a great way to go. The relieving and soothing hands with the human touch are certainly fantastic. However, the convenience is where this can be a challenge.

The other factor in saving time with a massage chair is that the operations can be performed in parallel. A masseuse works one area at a time, then moves on to the next. Overall, it takes about 50 minutes to effectively cover the body. A massage chair works in parallel. It can massage the full body all at once. Working in parallel cuts down the total time required to get a massage.

The second biggest obstacle to receiving regular massage therapy is the expense. Seeing a massage therapist on a regular basis is not cheap. In fact, in time it is expensive. A one hour session runs about $50 per hour plus tip. A massage chair on the other hand is much cheaper over time. A $3,000 massage chair has a minimum of 1,000 hours of life and many have 2,000 hours. If we use the 1,000 hours, then an hour of massage therapy is $3 per hour. No tip required. This is a huge economic advantage.

We all say that our health is a priority, but few take the necessary action required. How hard is it to sit for 10 minutes and relax your body and mind? For some impossible, but for most of us, it is very possible. Why not start to establish a routine that helps to reverse the effects of modern day stress. Your health is not a luxury, and neither is having a massage chair to help you bring back that critical balance in your life.

Find out how Massage Therapy improves your overall health and wellbeing as well as any risks you may want to be aware of beforehand.

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