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Product Review About The Osim Model U-Comfort Massage Chair

By: Amanda Levy
Date Added : November 30, 2011 Views : 99
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I don't know about you, but I've seen those massage chairs in the mall. Honestly, I've always wanted to go and try it. I've walked by many times, seen people with smiles on their faces and their eyes closed. Not bad for being in the middle of a public place. The other day I was passing by and saw one of those stores and it had an opening in one of the massage chairs. I knew then and there that this was my opportunity. I had to make my way and get in front of this kid who was b-lining to the same chair. I made my move into the Osim uComfort massage chair.

I made my move and was now in the chair. I realized that it didn't operate through any telepathic thoughts. I scrambled around and found a remote control. Luckily it had lots of buttons making it easy to select one of the three automatic programs.

On the remote there are automatic programs and also manual programs. The first thing I went for was an automatic program. This immediately set the massaging and recliner in action.

As the chair sprung into life, I could feel a lot of things happening to different parts of my body. My butt got squeezed. I felt movement going down my spine slowly. My lower legs were being compressed.

I noticed that the massage chair first made a pass up and down my back. There were no massage movements except for the mechanism going first all the way down and then all the way back up before starting. After which, it sprung into action.

As the thing was going up and down my back, the lower half of my body was being fully massage. I felt good sensations as compression massage was applied to my buttocks, thighs and calves. This was starting to feel soothing and relaxing.

Next, the rollers in the back started to make some massage movements. The program started working my shoulders down to my lower back. Different massage movements like rapid tapping and soft kneading interchanged up and down my back.

Something just didn't seem right. I was sitting in the chair getting the massage but it wasn't quite comfortable. I went for the remote control and saw there was a power recline.

I identified what looked like the chair back recline. I pushed the button and away it went. I was starting to recline backwards and realized my legs weren't following.

As I was descending backward with the power recline in the chair back, I noticed my legs were still standing still. I again went for the remote control. I found the leg rest up button and pushed it firmly.

I soon bottomed out with the chair back recline and was fully level. My legs were still climbing ever upward. Of course, all this was occurring while getting my full body massage. This position was starting to become more comfortable.

My legs were being compressed in the leg rest and that felt very soothing. My back was being massaged too, but it felt superficial to relieve my tension. I went for the remote control again and switched to another one of the three full body programs.

The pattern of the massage movements changed in this next program but that it still did not satisfy my muscle stiffness. I thought that the massage would be much firmer than it was. I was waiting for the uComfort to live up to its name.

It dawned on me that the Osim uComfort massage chair was not strong enough for my liking. I wanted to be one of those people squirming in the massage chair. I wanted it to really send sensations through my body. I hit the off button of the Osim uComfort massage chair. Immediately, the leg rest started to lower and the chair back bolted upright. As I came back upright I scanned left and right. I noticed a little fancier Osim massage chair next to me and off I went before somebody else sat down.

Why not try an Osim Massage Chair next time you are looking for something to do in the mall. If you enjoyed this uComfort Massage Chair Review, then browse through some more. Our fiercely independent expert authors give you the inside view of massage chair recliners. Browse by brand or by model.

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