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Some Tips To Lose Your Weight After Pregnancy

By: Lisa Meier
Date Added : April 12, 2011 Views : 538
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Pregnancy brings so many changes to a woman's body. Some woman fly right thru their pregnancy and drop the weight like nothing. Others have a tougher time as they now have two full time jobs. Be as it may, you just have to work a bit harder and you can have it all. You should look at your diet, you know you have to exercise and why not recuperate with massage chair therapy?

The body during pregnancy goes through some tremendous changes. There is a build up of weight gain for most women until child birth. Immediately after giving birth women will have excess weight, but remember two lives were just being supported. At least during the first three weeks after birth. Weight will drop do to heavier than normal sweating and more frequent urination as the body lessens the level of fluid.

If you are not the lucky type of woman that just soars through pregnancy like nothing happened, then prepare yourself to reclaim your body. Remember, Mom is important and not just baby. You need to think about how you will take care of yourself and put the effort in to lose weight when needed.

Is anyone not giving advice about losing weight? You can find many suggestions, but like anything, it starts with the basics. We have heard them all before. You will hear them again. Diet. Exercise. Massage Therapy. Write them down and memorize them, because you will see them again.

Diet. Diet. Diet. You are what you eat. Food is your energy. The types and range of fuels helps the body run and regulate itself appropriately. Do not fight an uphill battle. Get your intake of foods to be better quality for your body's nutrition and you have won half the battle. Its OK to indulge with a dessert, just not everyday!

The problem with fast food is it contains high levels of sodium. Sodium helps to retain water. A good portion of the weight gain in pregnancy is water weight. Water intake is essential in flushing out the toxins of our bodies. Replace any soda or juice drinks, which contain sugar, with mineral water.

Exercise starts with E and means Effort. You have to make an effort to get a consistent routine of exercise going. It is all too easy to go from one thing to the next and never exercise. Take time for you and get yourself in shape. You and the baby will both be happier. Talk to your medical professional as to what is right for you.

One way to help shed some pounds is with breast feeding. Breast feeding can negate up to 500 calories of intake per day. This is a dieting dream for women. Breast feeding makes diet and nutrition even more important as your intake is for two. You can consult with your doctor about how you can go about losing weight and breastfeeding.

Over the ages, massage treatments have been used to help the body recover and heal. Diet and exercise are incomplete without the healing cycle. After pregnancy, now the baby's schedule dictates when things are done. Taking time out to get a quick massage is near impossible without a massage chair. Let your body recover and relieved with massage chair therapy. Remember, tomorrow you can do it all over again.

If you want to see the look of fear on woman, ask her to check her weight during pregnancy. Most women have spent their whole lives keeping the weight off. Yet pregnancy naturally puts it on. When the pregnancy is over, then you need to get in gear to work the remaining weight off. Give yourself a nine month time frame to lose it.

Make sure you check with your health care provider on the best options for you. Everyone is different and your doctor can advise you on what and when you should exercise during pregnancy. Find out their opinion on diet, exercise and massage chair therapy. You need to discover the new harmonious balance and replenish your energy.

Integrate a Massage Chair into your busy lifestyle. Give yourself the chance to heal and recuperate for a harmonious lifestyle. Massage Chairs are an terrific compliment to your diet and exercise.

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