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 »  Degenerative Disc Disease

Spinal Decompression With Massage Chairs

By: Ron Mazzucchi
Date Added : September 1, 2011 Views : 253
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There are a variety of ways to apply spinal traction. A description is given of how a massage chair performs spinal traction. Traction is a force used to stretch or elongate joint surfaces. Specifically, mechanical traction is defined as the application of a mechanical force to the body with a method that separates the joint surfaces and elongate the surrounding soft tissues. In the case of spinal traction, mechanical traction is used to flex joint surfaces and stretch soft tissues.

Spinal traction machines have capabilities of exerting a pulling force across the entire length of the spine. These machines must secure both ends of the patient's spine and then a pulling force is used to stretch the length of the spine. The pulling force is used in this case to stretch the soft tissues between the cervical disc.

In the case of a spinal decompression machine, a pulling force is used as the means for mechanical traction. Both ends of the patient is secured. The machine is then activated which pulls across the full length of the spine. In theory, the full length of the spine is stretched and then the soft tissues between the spinal discs are that also stretched.

Another method used to affect traction is inversion therapy. Inversion therapy usually utilizes boots that the wearer puts on. Either the patient is laid on flat table which then allows them to be raised with their feet up. Or the user must lock the boots onto a bar and then suspend themselves from there hanging upside down.

The weight of the body is used in inversion therapy to effect traction. With an inversion bed, the angle of suspension can be controlled. The weight of the individual and the force of gravity both pull along the length of the spine.

Roller tables are used to effect mechanical traction. A roller table is a long flat table to accommodate the patient lying completely flat. Rollers are contained inside the table and are used to apply mechanical traction.

The way a roller table applies traction is with a bending force. The roller passes across each cervical disc. As the roller passes, it causes the cervical disc to deflect. This deflection of the cervical disc elongates the soft tissues.

When a massage chair applies traction to the spine, it is also passing a roller. The roller is activated to go up and down the individuals spine. As the roller moves across the spine it will deflect the cervical discs. This mechanical bending force is used to stretch the soft tissues.

Mechanical traction for the spine with a massage chair uses a roller. The roller is activated to go up and down the spine of the patient. The roller passes along each cervical disc. It deflects the cervical disc which elongate the soft tissues between them.

Massage chairs are very versatile in a health care environment. They provide a variety of treatments for patients. They contain many different massage techniques. These chairs can be targeted for specific areas. Additional treatments include lower body stretching systems, heating elements throughout the chair and an MP3 player for music relaxation.

Massage chairs are versatile by providing a number of different treatment options. Many of the massage programs can be precisely controlled and directed to specific areas. This helps to see the direct effect that massage therapy has on the patient. Massage chairs also provide a relaxing environment with an MP3 player and headphones.

Learn more about non-surgical ways of Spinal Decompression at our alternative health resource library for natural health therapies.

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