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Technology is now evolving to replicate and surpass many forms of activities solely the domain of humans. Massage chairs now offer a variety of massage treatments to soothe your aches and pains. Just think that you could have your favorite massage anytime you want.

The key to getting real benefits from massage therapy is to obtain it on a frequent and regular basis. This is one of the important benefits of having a massage chair. You get convenient access to regular massage treatments based on your schedule.

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Fibromyalgia can be quite dibilitating to those who suffer from it. The stiffness, discomfort and pain can stop you when you least expect it. Many sufferers are turning to massage chairs to get relief as symptoms arise.

 »  Back Pain

Suffer From Back Pain? A Massage Chair Recliner Gives Relief

By: Joanne Berry
Date Added : August 23, 2010 Views : 706
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Back pain is a very common ailment. As many as 8 out 10 people suffer from some particular sort of back pain. If you suffer from back pain, you are defiantly not alone. Back pain can range from a constant, dull ache to sudden sharp pains.

Although aches and pains come in a wide variety, there are two main categories ranging from acute to chronic. Acute back pain is a temporary condition with quick recovery periods from days to weeks. Chronic back pain persists for longer periods of time. If you have chronic back pain then you know expected healing time for an identified cause may go on and on even after receiving treatment. The choice is either you grow used to the pain or you need to find relief.

What are the types of relief for back pain? There are many potential cures for back pain ranging from hanging upside down (inversion therapy) to acupuncture to pharmaceuticals. The most common relief of back pain is unfortunately taking pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, the second most common relief of back pain is massage therapy.

Whether you suffer from acute or chronic back pain, studies have found that massage is effective for acute and chronic pain. Unlike pharmaceutical remedies, massage is a natural remedy. Your back pain is coming from the misalignment of bone, tissue, muscle, ligaments, etc. You could choose to dull the pain, but that doesn't really strike at the root of the problem. Massage works on elongating, stretching, and soothing the muscles and ligaments in a natural way.

If you are suffering from back pain, you may find a massage chair is what you need. It is truly amazing how technology has advanced and massage chairs have extraordinary capabilities. Just push a button and enjoy a Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish massage, or even a Sports massage.

The premier shiatsu massage chairs scan your body to find your acupressure points. The chair then performs a custom shiatsu massage tailored to your acupressure points. The program of chair will position of the massage rollers to stimulate the areas you need relief the most. Shiatsu acupressure massages help enhance your natural healing based on the meridian pathways that connect throughout the body.

You can find some massage recliners that incorporate the Swedish massage technique. The Swedish or Classic massage technique uses flowing, long, strokes to stretch and elongate tight muscles. Select a Deep Tissue massage and enjoy a penetrating, soothing massage. With the Deep Tissue technique, the massage chair program will start more superficially and then begin penetrate layer by layer. This approach relieves aching, sore, and tired tendons and muscles. You can enjoy these massage therapies with the touch of a button with a shiatsu massage chair.

The premier massage chairs also incorporate heat. The benefit of heat is that heat relaxes tight and sore muscles and reduces pain. Heat is usually better than cold for chronic pain - such as from arthritis - or for muscle relaxation. The best massage recliners can provide full body heat in the chair back, the seat and the footrest. These shiatsu massage chairs are very therapeutic and can provide substantial relief from back pain.

Let your stress and anxiety go with Music Therapy. Many shiatsu massage recliners come with a built in MP3 player. Music therapy has been shown to help you relax. Let the music take you away and your stress and anxiety will go away with it.

Why not use technology to really reduce the pain and anxiety associated with your back pain. Technology is being incorporated at a faster rate into massage chairs. If you are looking to relieve your acute or chronic back pain, massage therapy is the natural answer.

You can find a masseuse or a massage chair. A massage therapist is great, but you are limited to a particular time and place. On the other hand, a massage chair is ready and waiting for you. You can find a broad range of massage therapies built into the massage chairs of today. With the touch of a button you can find relief within the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you got back pain, your best friend is a shiatsu massage chair.

Physical Therapy helps to fully recover. Continue to enhance your physical therapy with massage therapy. Try more periodic massage therapy with the best massage chairs from the premier manufacturers including: Omega, Panasonic, Sanyo and Human Touch massage chair recliners.

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