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The Best Shiatsu Treatments Integrated In Today's Massage Chairs

By: Tina Lamont
Date Added : July 29, 2010 Views : 521
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A tradition started long ago in Japan is practice to restore health and balance to the body. Shiatsu massage is a distinctly Japanese practice. Some of its roots such as acupoints can be traced back to China. The Chinese were known to practice with acupoints of the body to restore health and balance. Shiatsu was refined beyond just the acupressure massage. This distinct health therapy combines the use of acupoints with other massage movements to provide invigoration and vitality to the body. Massage chairs have incorporated some aspects of shiatsu.

The tradition of shiatsu massage has been handed down through the generations in Japan. Specific techniques have evolved and been refined throughout this time. Practitioners of this massage technique must know how to detect acupoints.

There are many refined actions and movements to perform this type of massage. Each movement is done with a straight tension. The persons acupoints are stimulated with an increasing massage pressure. This helps to relieve tension through the acupoints.

Your body contains over 300 acupoints. There are over 100 acupoints on your back alone. Not all acupoints are as important as others. The practitioner of shiatsu must identify your acupoints. The practitioner also senses where they feel energy is being blocked.

To initiate the healing process and the soft tissues of the body, shiatsu massage uses stretching and manipulating of the soft tissue areas. A invigorating tapping motion in is used along with increasing pressure with the palms. To provide more spiritual comfort during the massage a holding and releasing is done two different muscle groups in the body.

Shiatsu massage chairs are designed to replicate the feel master masseuse. The movements of the rollers are precisely controlled by a computer program. These movements are designed to stimulate the use of the hands of massage therapists.

New technology has been integrated in order to detect a person's acupoints. A scan is made of the person when they are flying and the massage chair. The scan makes a map of the acupoints of the persons back. The massage chair then adjusts its shiatsu program in order to effectively target your own acupoints.

Shiatsu massage requires some dexterity to apply appropriately. Massage chairs are able to perform many of these movements mechanically. The programs in these recliners apply increasing pressure to stimulate the acupoints. This provides a release of body stiffness.

When the body is under stress tension is held in the muscles. This can trap energy in different parts of the body. The stimulation of acupoints is geared to release this trapped energy. A shiatsu massage seeks to restore energy flow and rebalance the body. A compression massage is also given with a hold and release type movement.

Shiatsu massage chairs generally have capability to perform a full body massage. Massage chairs are able to perform many treatments in parallel. This allows the user to obtain an excellent massage in many parts of the body simultaneously. This is very invigorating and also a large time saver.

You may also find other treatments in addition to a shiatsu massage offered in a massage chair. Massage chairs provide many complementary therapies to help restore health and relaxation. Some additional features may be heating elements in the chair, MP3 players with headphones and lower body traction systems.

Normally shiatsu massage is one of many programs contained in the massage recliner. These recliners have a number of other therapeutic massage treatments as well. These other treatments can also be run in parallel with a shiatsu massage. This gives the user a number of excellent programs all in the same massage chair.

Learn more about Shiatsu Massage Chairs and find what features are important to receive the massage therapy you require. Relieve your aching muscles and stiff shoulders with a Shiatsu Massage Chair. Stick with the best and enjoy it for years.

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