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The Omega OM-510 Massage Chair

By: Claudia Hunter
Date Added : July 25, 2011 Views : 341
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Are you seriously looking for a shiatsu massage chair? In this review we examine the Omega Prestigio OM-510 shiatsu massage chair. This is a midrange model in the $2,000 to $3,000 price range. Omega is known for its advance technology, state of the art design, and striking aesthetics. The Prestigio OM-510 is put through the test to find the best in class massage chair recliner.

First, we should look at the manufacturer, since if there is a problem down the road, you want to make sure you will be taken care of, if the need should arise. Make sure you go with a reputable manufacturer and one that has distribution to retailers. Omega has national retail accounts and has comprehensive warranty coverage for this massage chair. Our experience with Omega is any problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.

The OM-510 massage chair has strong warranty protection. Omega Massage has one of the best warranties in the industry. Omega's standard warranty can only be matched if you purchase the extended warranty of other manufacturers. This is extra value provided by Omega and gives the customer more protection and lowers their risk.

The OM-510 shiatsu massage chair is chic, with its highly varnished wood armrests and leg footer silver accents. This is perhaps the most attractive massage chair on the market today. Many massage chairs may be functional, but they come in unattractive designs and cheap plastic side panels.

Omega is famous for its striking massage chair designs. The Prestigio is a fantastic example of their design prowess. Omega also made the OM-510 comfortable with a removable back cover. There are two detachable head pillows and an extra back pad. Omega also includes a beautiful wood side table as a nice compliment to round out this massage chair recliner.

The Omega OM-510 massage recliner comes with 3 automatic massages ranging from 10, 20 and 30 minutes. There are four manual massage techniques which include tapping, rolling, kneading, and Shiatsu. In the automatic mode, this recliner will provide all 4 massage functions in combination.

To cover your back, select from 4 back courses and select the manual massage technique for the back. It has manual courses for the upper back, the lower back, the full back and it can also pinpoint a specific location. One strong point with this massage chair is it really covers the lower back or lumbar area. Most shiatsu massage chairs stop short here, but this one gets the lumbar area better than any chair.

A special feature of the OM510 shiatsu massage chair is its Knee Stretch Technology. The footrest of the chair holds the feet and calves in place. It then gently stretches the ankle and knee joints while extending the thigh and calf muscles. This feature helps relieve muscle tension and stiffness in the legs. The knee stretch technology also helps improve your range of motion and joint mobility.

A nice feature of the OM-510 massage recliner is its Knee Stretch function. This chair will gently extend the knee by slightly raising the footrest and then lowering it to extend the ankle and knee joints. This gentle knee stretch helps to increase the range of motion and joint mobility. This shiatsu massage chair recliner provides a very thorough and invigorating full body massage.

Do your feet ache after a day of work. Let the OM510 soothe those tired feet with its reflexology foot massage. The OM-510 massage chair has built in reflexology points to induce full body relaxation as it gently squeezes your aching feet. This tireless mechanical masseuse will work all the aches, pains and tension built up in your feet.

The Omega OM-510 is certainly the best massage chair for its price. This massage chair provides a full body massage to relieve built up tensions and stress. Omega provides excellent warranty coverage protecting the consumer. This recliner comes with advanced features with the reflexology foot massage and the Knee Stretch Technology. The Prestigio OM-510 is the total package for a midrange shiatsu massage chair.

Discover everything about massage chairs on the market today with our Massage Chair Guide. Find out everything about the outstanding features of this excellent massage chair. We have reviews of all the Omega Massage Chairs.

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