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What Is A Shiatsu Massage Chair?

By: Sandy Mitchell
Date Added : September 13, 2010 Views : 76
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Some people are confused about what exactly is a shiatsu massage chair. Shiatsu is simply a massage technique which originated in Japan. Since massage chairs were invented in Japan they became synonymous with shiatsu massage. However a shiatsu massage chair is one that performs some of the unique features of shiatsu massage.

Originally, shiatsu got it start from ancient Chinese medicine techniques such as acupuncture. Shiatsu uses some aspects of acupressure but with some distinctly Japanese movements. Shiatsu is a therapeutic massage which relieves the body and invigorates the mind.

A massage chair consists of both software and mechanical systems to deliver different types of movements and sensations. Most massage chairs have four different types of basic movements. This includes kneading, chopping, rolling and a combination of kneading and chopping.

From the basic movements, more sophisticated movements are then attainable. There are different roller designs which allow for different degrees of freedom of movement. Some massage rollers are able to move in three dimensions providing for a thorough and comprehensive massage.

Shiatsu massage has become much more distinctly Japanese. Some key aspects of this type of massage technique are unblocking the flow of energy in the body. Many practitioners believe that by manipulating the acupressure points throughout the body they can enhance the energy flow in the body.

Practitioners of this massage have been taught to identify the almost 100 acupoints located on the back, neck and shoulders. Sophisticated technology is required to identify these in a massage chair. There are a number of different technologies that are used in order to identify the acupoints on your back in a massage chair.

Massage chair manufacturers may use different arrays of sensors for identifying your acupressure points. These sensors identify the location of the acupoints and then direct the massage rollers to that area. The massage rollers then begin to stimulate the acupressure points to enhance the flow of energy in your body.

By stimulating the acupoints in your back, neck and shoulders, the massage chair will begin to enhance the flow of energy in your body. Generally specialized techniques are used to stimulate these acupoints. Massage movements use increasing pressure help to unblock the flow of energy in your body.

To deliver a full body massage, massage chairs incorporate an air massage system. These systems enable a massage chair to treat the larger muscles of the body. A soothing and relieving compression style massage is used for these areas.

The compression air massage uses airbags to provide the squeezing action. The airbags are specially designed to the contour of your muscles. This helps them to deliver a more effective massage.

There are some very invigorating portions of the shiatsu massage. Rapid tapping is commonly utilized to help loosen up the muscles and breakdown lactic acid. Massage chairs are particularly well-suited to rapid tapping and can provide up to 300 blows per minute.

Shiatsu massage chairs provide a number of different massage therapies in addition to Japanese style shiatsu. You can find popular massage treatments such as deep tissue, reflexology and Swedish or classic massage. These advanced recliners are programmed with the latest and greatest massage techniques from around the world.

Many of the top manufacturers like Sanyo, Omega and Panasonic offer a wide variety of massage treatments. These shiatsu massage chair makers recognize that people want a number of different treatments in one recliner. This gives the individual an opportunity to try out a range of different massage treatments to suit their changing needs.

The most soothing and rejuvenating massage therapies is the shiatsu massage. This distinctly Japanese technique has been replicated in the advanced shiatsu massage chairs by a few top companies. Find out more how Shiatsu Massage Chairs can provide you with invigoration. Discover the great health benefits today.

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