Bad Days With Fibromyalgia: Massage Chairs Definitely Help
By: Samantha Lipscomb
Posted on : June 15, 2010  Views : 1005
Fibromyalgia is a medical condition whose symptoms can range from mild stiffness to constant discomfort and pain in the muscles and joints. Coping with these symptoms affects both the physical and the psychological. It can be downright exhausting as energy and focus shifts to the pain and discomfort as you try to follow your daily routine. Massage chairs are indispensible to some sufferers of fibromyalgia. Massage chairs offer reliable massage therapy relief and an unprecedented convenience.

As of yet, there is no known cure for fibromyalgia. The knowledge base and research is in its infancy. There are some strong potential theories, but still FMS is shrouded in mystery. Sufferers are left to cope on their own until the mystery is unraveled. Here are some tips for dealing with fibromyalgia.

Medication: Your Doctor may recommend a medication. First and foremost, you must take the prescribed medication in order to help you to deal with the pain and depression that plagues fibromyalgia patients. You should always take the medication exactly prescribed. This ensures the most optimal results.

Nutrition: Your body needs substantial energy to deal with fibromyalgia. Good nutrition is important. You need to make sure that you eat a balanced diet every day and limit your sweets. Give your body and muscles the nourishment that they deserve.

Sleep: Your body needs sufficient rest. While your body sleeps, it is rebuilding and healing from the activities of the day. Make sure you get consistent sleep. Make the most of your bedroom by creating a good environment for sleeping. Use an electric blanket to make the bed warm and to muscle spasms. Make your room so that it is dark and easier to fall asleep. Get comfortable pillows and sheets so that it feels good when you get into bed.

Mental thinking: One has to keep a positive perspective on life. No one will deny that suffering can be hard with fibromyalgia, but one cannot let it get the better of you. A good, positive perspective is invaluable. A negative one can start a cycle of depression and other consequences. There are always positives in life as well as negatives. You have to ask yourself if the glass is half-empty or half-full.

Stretching: Many patients of FMS complain of joint pain and stiffness. A light regimen of stretching can work wonders in helping the muscles retain their flexibility. Walk through each major muscle group including the legs, arms back, neck and shoulders. Spend time on each group. Start off at a comfortable stretch and hold for 30 seconds, increase slightly and hold another 30 seconds. Youd be surprised how resilient the human body is.

Massage: Massage is proven to breakdown and help to flush lactic access. Many doctors are postulating that fibromyalgia may be caused by a build up of excess lactic acid. For massage to be successful, it must be performed on a regular basis. The build of lactic acid is on a regular basis. Massage therapy is effective in periodically flushes out the excess build ups. This may be a critical link in understanding the root of FMS.

It is important to adapt new routines to new situations. Finding a reliable and consistent routine when the pain can be debilitating is important. Massage chairs are important assets when combating the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Massage therapy is an effective way to increase flexibility while reducing the associated discomfort. The key with massage chairs is that they are available when you are. This is certainly an important issue in todays world.

Doctors are just beginning to research into the causes of fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, this leaves patients without a cure and needing to find ways of coping with the symptoms. Shifting to this new reality is very tough, so finding the right new habits to prime your body is important. Like anything new, start off slowly and get the routine. As you feel better, then continue to push your limits. Think about these coping strategies and add them as you can.
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