Review Of Montage Premier Massage Chair
By: Michelle Nixon
Posted on : November 9, 2011  Views : 74
Reviews can be very helpful in determining the types of products that might fit your needs. The most effective reviews are ones that cover the salient issues regarding the product you are interested in obtaining. Our experience is that most customers want to know about key aspect of a massage chair such as warranty, ergonomics, ease of use, massage therapy and key features. As such, we have developed a systematic approach to evaluating massage chairs based on the above 5 categories. We also weigh each of these categories equally and give a score up to 20 points. The total possible rating for a massage chair is therefore 100 points. This review will take an in-depth look at the top of the line Omega Massage chair. This is the Montage Premier which is in the luxury range of $4,000 to $5,000.

Warranty & Customer Service: As with any big ticket purchase, you want sufficient protection from potential problems. The warranty coverage helps to reduce the risk that you the consumer are taking when buying any product. The Montage Premier comes with comprehensive warranty coverage. It has 5 years protection on the frame, 3 years on parts, 3 years on labor and you also get 1 year of parts shipping. You are also covered for the first 90 days with in-home technician service. This is a terrific warranty package. Customer service and turn around times are good and are provided by Omega. The Montage Premier earns a 19 in this category.

Comfort & Ergonomics: Massage chairs are also recliners. It is important that they are comfortable to sit in when not in use for a massage. Also, the chair needs to be ergonomically designed, so the important controls or features are readily accessible. The Montage Premier is plush and has soft synthetic leather upholstery. The back pad is comfortable and the seat is as well. The remote control comes with a wireless sub remote that is very convenient to use. The chair is designed to be wheelchair accessible allowing those challenged individuals to get in and out of the chair themselves. The leg rest is extendable an extra 4 inches and the chair can easily accommodate persons up to 6\' 6\". The Montage Premier earns a 19 in Comfort & Ergonomics.

Ease of Use: One thing is for sure, more features and options are being added into massage chairs, which is great. However, as more features are introduced manufacturers need design the products to be easy and intuitive to understand. We have seen our share of complex controllers that only cause frustration with users. The Montage Premier comes equipped with many advanced features and many manual massage options. Omega introduces a wheel button for adjusting the footrest and chair back. The wireless remote is controls virtually 80 percent of the chair functions and is the size of a credit card. Manual controls are still located in the side panel of the main remote, but you have great controls with the convenient sub remote. This is the only chair that you do not have to get up when laid back in the chair to make adjustments. The Montage Elite earns a 19 in Ease of Use.

Key Features: The Montage Premier comes packed full of fantastic features. We will point out two in detail. The lower body traction system and the synchronized music feature. The lower body traction is designed to stretch the lower body from the hips to the ankles. The recliner activates the airbags to hold your ankles and raises the legrest horizontally. It will then recline the legrest to 3 lower positions stretching the lower body as it goes. This is very relieving and helps to increase your flexibility of joints and muscles. The other unique feature is a music synchronization function. When activated, the massage movements actually follow the tempo of the music being played. The Montage Premier comes with an MP3 player and headphones. This is very soothing and helps to induce full body relaxation. We give this recliner a 19 for its key features.

Massage Therapy: The Montage Premier comes with automatic and manual massage functions. The Montage Premier has 5 full body automatic courses, 4 manual massage courses, and 4 massage speed settings for a total combination of 64 manual massage courses. The manual massage techniques include Kneading, Tapping, Finger Press, and Kneading & Tapping (Shiatsu). One nice feature is the kneading and tapping speeds are independent and can be individually control in the shiatsu technique. The lower body traction is integrated with the automatic programs when activated. To ensure your total relaxation, Omega has a music-massage synchronization function. The Montage Premier is truly a full body therapy and relaxation machine. It provides a total sensory experience. The Montage Premier earns a 20 in Massage Therapy.

The Montage Premier earns a 96/100 points on our rating scale. The Montage Premier is the most comprehensive massage therapy chair on the market today. You get comprehensive warranty coverage without having to buy an extended warranty. The chair comes with a wide array of massage treatments to target practically all areas of the body. It provides a strong massage which can be softened with the included extra back pad. Bottom line, this massage chair delivers a soothing and comprehensive massage experience every time.
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